Roof Moss Removal

Roof moss is a menace, it can cause leaks where it grows under tiles, it can cause damage during freeze/thaw cycles due to the water it holds, it is home to insects which attracts birds, it clogs gutters and down pipes, and makes a mess of the ground around your home.

Roofing tiles and slates are sprayed with our specialist cleaning solution and then cleaned.  The solution kills moss and leaves a cleaner roof – as you can see from the photos!

Just because your roof may be covered in algae, moss or stains does not necessarily mean you need a new roof. In fact, a professional clean from us can help restore the original look and colour, without the expensive cost of a roof replacement.

  • We can restore the aesthetic beauty of your roof, making it look like new again!
  • We can help improve the roof longevity while saving you time, money, and effort.
  • We can help you protect your investment and improve the outwards appearance of your home
  • We can improve the health and structural stability of your home by removing molds, stains, algae, and moss.
  • We can help you lower your energy bills with safe removal of the moss that could be  impacting your insulation.

What out customers say

We have used Supreme on more than one occasion and the results have always been better than expected. They are professional, timely and provide good value for money